Fitness-MMA (Cross-fitness)

Brand-new from the USA: Fitness for men and women

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combination of martial arts like boxing, wrestling, karate, grappling, kick-boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu and Thai-boxing. At Martial Arts Academy i-defense Essen MMA is called x-defense.

The ‘x' represents the idea of ‘crossing' the best of all the different styles in martial arts.

MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, Fitness

It is the discipline of the modern fighter in the ring or the octagon. These new athletes' fitness is unbeatable. Whether in upright position or on the floor, they have to function and stand their ground. These fighters know that every weakness will be punished.

Fitness MMA means practicing for fitness without any direct fighting contact or sparring, but nevertheless is based on the structure of a Mixed Martial Arts fight. This results in total physical exhaustion with a focus on stamina, resistance and core-power.

MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, Fitness

MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, Fitness

This pure fitness training of MMA-fighters is now practiced at Martial Arts Academy i-defense in addition to the regular crossfight courses which include full contact fighting in all distances.

The 60-minutes MMA workout is a program with quick results, no matter what your initial fitness level is like. It can be both, a simple start for the beginner and a power workout for the top-athlete. The program consists of a well-directed training of power, punch, flexibility and physical fitness.

It can be said that this MMA-training is rooted in the past of the ancient gladiators whose fitness and skills were the key to their survival.

Today these modern Fitness-MMA exercises are lectured according to the newest insights into sport science to guarantee an optimal and functional training of beginners' and professional fighters' muscles alike.

MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, Fitness

MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, Fitness

Profit from the knowledge of the modern gladiators in the ring and experience the power of Fitness-MMA.

Courses start in June 2011 in Essen.

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