Results of the i-defense championship 2008

Kickboxing Adults:{mosimage}{mosimage}{mosimage}
1. Helge Hermann
2. Klemens Hellmann
3. Marco Ales Schoen

Helge HermannGerrit JogschiesBoris Bäck


Kickboxing Youth:

1. Enrico Schneider
(without picture)
2. Max Kemper
3. Cafer Yildiz

Gerrit JogschiesHelge Hermann  Boris Bäck

Kickboxing Women:{mosimage}
1.Diana Herbeck

 Diana Herbeck



1. Gerrit Jogschies
2. Helge Hermann
3. Boris Bäck

Gerrit JogschiesHelge HermannBoris Bäck


Apart from cups, medals and material prices the most successful participant of the tournament, Helge Hermann, received a trip to the Natsu Keiko in Florida. Thus the i-defense championship 2008 was a success for all participants.

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