Self—defense in combination with vital fitness training

Self-defense in combination with vital fitness training for all ages

Fitnesstraining, Vitaltraining

In collaboration with their American colleagues Nadja Nihela and Alfons Pinders, managers of the Martial Arts Academy i-defense Essen developed a special concept for self-defense in combination with vital fitness training.

This is a personal training course which considers each individual's potential and integrates it into the training process.

Selbstverteidigung mit Fitness- und Vitaltraining in Essen

Selbstverteidigung mit Fitness- und Vitaltraining in Essen

Mental vigor and physical strength are essential elements of self-defense. Someone with serious back pain or an injury, for instance, is hardly able to physically assert him- or herself  - and as a result often retreats from more and more areas of life. Sometimes courage is just not sufficient to stand up for your interests and those of those you love. To secure one's personal and social integrity a well-directed handling of one's resources and development of stamina and power is helpful - mentally as well as physically.

Apart from your physical strength and mental vigor, simple but effective self-defense techniques are practiced as well as how to handle (physical) conflicts in a self-confident manner.

Through the program's promotion of coordination, strength and stamina, the individual's resources are increased and their posture and well-being will be enhanced.

Martial arts master Nadja Nihela, instructor and personal trainer accompanies each individual participant during the whole course. No matter what age, gender or level of physical fitness the following 4-point system is central to the agenda:

1.      self-defense - orientated to realistic needs

2.      fitness and vitality

3.      stress reduction

4.      lastingness

Start of course: May 22, 2012 19:00 - 20:00

duration: 3 months (until August 28, 2012)

costs: 108,00 € (25% discount for members)

at Kampfkunst Akademie Essen e.V.

Zweigertstr. 53

45130 Essen

Info-Tel: 0201 - 55 66 86

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