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Results of the i-defense championship 2008

Kickboxing Adults:{mosimage}{mosimage}{mosimage}
1. Helge Hermann
2. Klemens Hellmann
3. Marco Ales Schoen

Helge HermannGerrit JogschiesBoris Bäck


Kickboxing Youth:

1. Enrico Schneider
(without picture)
2. Max Kemper
3. Cafer Yildiz

Gerrit JogschiesHelge Hermann  Boris Bäck

Kickboxing Women:{mosimage}
1.Diana Herbeck

 Diana Herbeck



1. Gerrit Jogschies
2. Helge Hermann
3. Boris Bäck

Gerrit JogschiesHelge HermannBoris Bäck


Apart from cups, medals and material prices the most successful participant of the tournament, Helge Hermann, received a trip to the Natsu Keiko in Florida. Thus the i-defense championship 2008 was a success for all participants.


  1. Nadja Nihela
    Nadija Nehila
    Background: Karate, Tai Chi, Yoga
    --> Exercise Therapy

  2. Helge Hermann
    Helge Hermann
    Background: Karate, Kick – Boxing, Fitness Instructor
    --> Master of Sport Science, Teacher

  3. Boris Bäck
    Boris Bäck
    Background: Karate, Kick – Boxing, Wing Tsun, Savate
    --> Teacher

  4. Robin Bäck
    Robin Bäck
    Background : Karate, Kick – Boxing

  5. Tiran Mkrtschian
    Tiran Mkrtschian
    Background: Boxing, Thai – Boxing, Kick – Boxing
    --> Boxing :  e.g. County and State Champion, Olympic Hope

  6. Sven Scheding
    Sven Scheding
    Background: Karate, Fitness - Instructor

  7. Boris Popov
    Boris Popov
    Background : Karate
    --> Physician

  8. Dilek Tezgah
    Dilek Tezgah
    Background: Karate, Judo, Iaido
    --> Kindergarten teacher

  9. Anita van de Sand
    Anita van de Sand
    Background: Karate, Tai Chi
    --> Assistant Medical Tecnician

  10. Astrid Büchert
    Astrid Büchert
    Background: Karate, Tai Chi, Taekwon - do
    Assistant Medical Tecnician

  11. Gerrit Jogschies
    Gerrit Jogschies
    Background: Karate, Taekwon - do, Crossdefense

  12. Simao Beli
    Simao Beli
    Background: Taekwon - do, Kick – Boxing, Crossdefense
    --> Thaibox - Aerobic - Instructor, Taekwondo competitor e.g. Netherland Open
    Champion 2006

Sensei Alfons Pinders

Founder Martial Arts Academy i – defense

Alfons PindersHis father was a boxing instructor. His brothers were boxers and Judokas. At the age of 13 he started practicing Karate and at the age of 17 he added Kick-Boxing and Thai-Boxing. He was a successful competitor in different weight categories. Numerous trips to Asia, the USA, and other European countries gave him the opportunity to study under competent and well known instructors. Sensei Pinders has dedicated himself to the in-depth study of Martial Arts which includes elements of a non-physical level. He has developed self-defense concepts for several institutions, which has been applied successfully.

History of Yoshukai Karate


The true history of Karate probably starts with the simple need of man to defend himself from his enemys no matter if these were other humans or wild animals. Prehistoric man was able to survive and to develope into its present form: this is the proof that he had the ability to defend himself succesfully even in a time before the deveoplment of weapons.

Up to the 20th century there was no systematization of the art of self-defense. Only then, in the 20th century, the different techniques of what we now call Karate were analyzed, classified and improved.

Gichin FunakoshiThe man who was most responsible for the systematization of modern Karate and its introduction to Japan was Gichin Funakoshi. When Karate started getting more and more popular more masters of Karate came from Okinawa to Japan.

Dr. Tsuyoshi ChitoseAmong the better known was Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose, 10th Dan and founder of Chito-ryu Karate. An advanced student of Dr. Chitose, Mamoru Yamamoto, 8th Dan, introduced new techniques and different weapons into Chito-ryu. As a result the system that today is known as Yoshukai evolved. (Yo/Shu/Kai - means trainings hall of continous improvement and development.)

Mike FosterMike Foster, 9th Dan, has trained together with Mamoru Yamamoto in Japan over a period of 10 years and brought the Yoshukai system to the US.


i-defense Essen is part of Yoshukai Karate International.

Karate History

Yoshukai International KarateKarate-Do as a traditional art of self-defense looks back on a history of around 2000 years. Today Okinawa, a group of islands in between Japan and China, is regarded as the cradle of this martial art. Okinawa has been influenced culturally in many different ways. A history of occupation, repression and war made Karate a means of survival. In times of occupation the local people of Okinawa were forbidden by death to carry weapons e.g. swords. Because of that Karate, the art of empty hand fighting, and Kobujutsu (traditional weapons) were practiced secretly. Kobujutsu involves training with tools of daily or agricultural use like the Bo (a long stick), the Sai (metal fork), the Tonfa (short, thick stick with handle) ot the Nunchaku (flail) etc. Karate and Kobujutsu were practiced and applied together. However quite often an unarmed fighter had to face an armed attacker and he was forced to use his trained body as a weapon. Physical ability, knowledge and control of the own skills as well as a calm state of mind and a high level of concentration are prerequisites in such a life threatening situation.

The three traditional pillars of Karate are:
• self-defense (Goshin)
• health / traditional medicine (Qi Gong)
• spiritual guidance (Do = path)

Karate was practiced as wholistic system of self-defense.

In the course of Karate´s growing popularity a lot of schools have discarded this wholistic approach in favor of a karate for sports. This leads to a neglect of the basic pillars of this art.

i-defense, Essen practice a Karate-Do according to the traditional understanding taking into account modern insights in the field of education and exercise theory.

i-defense for external organizations and institutions

Our experience for your security

Safety concepts, security training, workshops and seminars

i-defense offers consultation, counseling, training courses and instructions in the most different areas

Further information on request

We offer solutions.


In collaboration with his American colleagues , a psychologist and social workers Alfons Pinders developed an i-defrense concept especially fpr schools, which has already successfully been realized in cooperation with the ‘Jugendamt' (an official, federal organization offering support and various services such as counseling to young people).

Roley Plays, communication strategies, behavioural patterns as well as simple but efficient self-defense techniques are realistically practiced.


Aerobic mit funktionaler Anwendung

Defense-Aerobic Thaiboxen

This sudorific combination of a body shaping fitness program, fat burning, endurance and stress reduction improves your responsiveness at the same time.

This makes the difference: The workout and the techniques are taught in a way that a permanent reference to self-defense is granted. In the course of this, the choreography can easily be followed and the single techniques all remain functional. Furthermore, this training makes for a tightening of the muscles. The ensuing stretching program keeps the muscles smooth. The workout is a well-balanced but demanding allround program at most modern standard.

Defense-Aerobic Thaiboxen

Defensive and offensive movements are demonstrated throughout the training sessions. Simultaneously, techniques of modern self-defense are automated in workout-combinations, so that the trained movements can be helpful in case of emergency. This is ensured on the one hand by an effective concept of aerobics which includes realistic techniques of self-defense and on the other hand by the instructors’ experience at i-defense Essen.

Practice Time: see Training Schedule


• The kick for fitness and self-confidence
• It´s fun and not as tough as traditional sparring
• The advantage: Everyone decides on the intensity the exercises are carried out with for themselves.

Kickboxen Fitness i-defenseKickboxen Fitness i-defense

Kickbox-Fitness with the heavy bag is the ideal allround workout. It´s unbelievable fun and provides strength and stamina. In about one hour you´ll be able to burn off nearly a thousand kalories. In addition the i-defense workout gives you a completely new body feeling. You´ll be more aware of yourself and your own strength.

Kickboxen Fitness i-defense

Influenced amongst others by his American Instructor colleagues Alfons Pinders was one of the first to establish the Kickbox-Fitness concept as a way to develope one´s level of fitness as well as an effective addition to classic martial arts training in Germany.

Kickbox-Fitness involves no sparring. The workout using pads and heavy bags is a sweat demanding combination of figur shaping fitness workout, strength, stamina and stress relief.

course times: see Training Schedule

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