About i-defense

Martial Arts Academy i-defense, Essen e.V.

The name i-defense derives from American English and is composed of the word defense and the letter "i".
The "i" referes to:

I:                The first person pronoun refering to man or human being
identity:     by selfreflection and analysis
integral:     a wholistic training for body and mind
intelligentnot abstract, but realistic and effective
individual:  focusing on individual possibilities

Not everyone has the same prerequisites and possibilities. That´s why we focus on the possibilities of the individual and help choosing the right approach. Different courses may be combined for example Kickbox-Fitness (body conditioning) and self-defense (technique and tactic) in order to establish an effective level of the abilitiy to defend oneself.

i-defense Essen e. V.
Zweigertstr. 53
45130 Essen

Phone: 0049-(0)201-556686
email: webmaster@i-defense.de

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