• The kick for fitness and self-confidence
• It´s fun and not as tough as traditional sparring
• The advantage: Everyone decides on the intensity the exercises are carried out with for themselves.

Kickboxen Fitness i-defenseKickboxen Fitness i-defense

Kickbox-Fitness with the heavy bag is the ideal allround workout. It´s unbelievable fun and provides strength and stamina. In about one hour you´ll be able to burn off nearly a thousand kalories. In addition the i-defense workout gives you a completely new body feeling. You´ll be more aware of yourself and your own strength.

Kickboxen Fitness i-defense

Influenced amongst others by his American Instructor colleagues Alfons Pinders was one of the first to establish the Kickbox-Fitness concept as a way to develope one´s level of fitness as well as an effective addition to classic martial arts training in Germany.

Kickbox-Fitness involves no sparring. The workout using pads and heavy bags is a sweat demanding combination of figur shaping fitness workout, strength, stamina and stress relief.

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