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Children and adolescents at i-defense Essen e.V.

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i-defense is a modern association, the training of which focuses on progressive insights into fundamental aspects of the sciences of sports and education. Especially when working with children a well-directed and progressive training that is suitable for children is indispensable.

I-defense Essen is a member of the Yoshukai Karate International Association which is rooted in Japan and the USA. Due to a close collaboration and a constant exchange of ideas its training always considers the latest state of the art in sports education.

Yoshukai International

I-defense Essen concentrates on age-specific and differentiated practicing rather than on "mass processing" - thus we aim for a balanced and self-confident development of the adolescents.

Surplus energies are channeled and the ability to concentrate is improved. Self-confidence, respect, discipline, fairness and courtesy are developed.

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No matter whether frightened or hyperactive, martial arts' training contributes to a balanced and healthy development of your child.

Self-defense and self-assertion are central approaches at i-defense Essen.

Techniques and tactics, behavioral practice and role-play, including simulated dangers, sharpen the intellect and natural reactions. This adds to a natural security which is necessary to adequately respond in everyday conflicts (i.e. on the way to school).

Functional self-protection of your child: an i-defense concept

Chanbarra - a sport from Japan

ImageIn addition to its rich offer of courses for children, such as self-defense, self-assertion and Karate, the martial arts academy i-defense Essen also offers sport-chanbarra, which was developed in Japan. Chanbarra can be roughly translated as ‘sword combat' and is practiced with soft, inflated, foam-padded "swords", thus avoiding injuries. Master Tetsundo Tanabe is the inventor of this discipline, which already has filled Japan's adolescents with enthusiasm. Nevertheless, grown-ups have also found a steadily growing interest in this quick sport, which - not at least due to a special gear made especially for chanbarra - guarantees a very enjoyable training in the best possible way for children and adolescents. It trains students' reflexes and strength. Apart from this the students experience a mental education deriving from respect and concentration which play a significant role in Japanese martial arts. The little Samurais soon notice an improvement in their coordination and concentration as a result of this creative exercise. Sensei Alfons Pinders of the martial arts academy i-defense Essen was enthusiastic about the training he observed in Japan and added it as an option in his association. For quite a long time, therapists working with children and adolescents have been using the so called ‘Batakas' (clubs made of foam) as an approach to playfully solve conflicts. Chanbarra offers the opportunity to argue physically but with intelligence.

Chanbarra furthers students' youthful kinetic energy and guides it in the right direction.

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