Aerobic mit funktionaler Anwendung

Defense-Aerobic Thaiboxen

This sudorific combination of a body shaping fitness program, fat burning, endurance and stress reduction improves your responsiveness at the same time.

This makes the difference: The workout and the techniques are taught in a way that a permanent reference to self-defense is granted. In the course of this, the choreography can easily be followed and the single techniques all remain functional. Furthermore, this training makes for a tightening of the muscles. The ensuing stretching program keeps the muscles smooth. The workout is a well-balanced but demanding allround program at most modern standard.

Defense-Aerobic Thaiboxen

Defensive and offensive movements are demonstrated throughout the training sessions. Simultaneously, techniques of modern self-defense are automated in workout-combinations, so that the trained movements can be helpful in case of emergency. This is ensured on the one hand by an effective concept of aerobics which includes realistic techniques of self-defense and on the other hand by the instructors’ experience at i-defense Essen.

Practice Time: see Training Schedule

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