Martial Arts Academy i-defense provides a wide range of professional and individual courses that complement one another.

We offer a "all inclusiv" membership. Monthly dues:
41,50 € adults
32,50 teenagers aged 14 to 18
28,50 € kids younger than 14

"All inclusiv" means that you´re entiteld to join all courses offered from Monday to Saturday. For more information please refer to the Training Schedule.

And you get even more:
• Training in the morning
• Training during school holidays
• weekend trips
• special courses with top Martial Arts instructors
• individual advice
• one-to-one training
• body conditioning
• resistance training (wheigts)

The instructor team consists of experienced teachers certified by the German Association of Sports with a martial arts background of over 30 years.

The wide range of courses offered will enable everyone regardless of sex, age or physical constitution to find a course fitting their individual needs.

That´s because courses are designed according to age and clientele.

Realistic self-defense, traditional martial arts, body conditioning or wellness, no matter what you´re looking for, we ´ve got it!

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