Kickboxing - Shin Kakuto Jitsu

i-defense Kickboxen

Kickboxing is a modern contact sport and developed during the 1970s out of elements of western boxing and Karate techniques. This dynamic and flexible sport requires safty equipment similar to Boxing to prevent injuries. There are 3 different varieties: full-contact, light-contact and point fighting. Shin Kakuto Jitsu (Japanese Kickboxing) has been initiated by Sensei Kenji Kurosaki, who originally came from Karate. It consists of elements from Muay-Thai (Thaiboxing). His best known student is Toshiro Fujiwara who within a period of 15 years and 150 fights has lost only 12 times and thus deposed thai champion.
Shin Kakuto Jitsu takes up the ideology of japanese martial arts. Shin means spirit, Kakuto is a coverning term for all japanese fighting arts and Jitsu means art or technique.
The i-defense fighting team have scored first and second places in different disciplines at county and national championships.


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