Cross-defense (MMA)

Modern, realistic self-defense training, not focused on style but across styles.


Different techniques from Boxing, Karate, Jujutsu-Brasil, Muay-Thai, Grappling etc. are used to cover the different distances. The training focuses on the potential of the individual fighter. Knowing how to help yourself without blacking out. Sensitivity exercises, reaction training and the knowledge of different distances are practiced in order to be applicable in a self-defense situation. Tactics like "How do I get in this particular distance" are trained just as the creativity necessary to be able to controll even unfavorable attacks. This all means to not stick to one´s well known patterns, but to built up the ability to act flexible.
Cross-defense - the modern self-defense of Martial Arts Academy i-defense, Essen.


Weapons training is covered as well in order to built up true self-defense potential.

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